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Tactical Uses of Black Lite

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Personal Identification Beacons

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Tactical Uses of

CI Black-Lite has proved to have many tactical applications. It has always been a great advantage that new operators have been able to develop uses of their own to suit the circumstances of an operation.
There are a number of separate groups of tactical use that can be described as follows:

  • Tube-Lite

  • Personnel Identification Beacons (PIBS)

  • Black-Lite Modular Posts


CI Tube-Lite is a flexible, waterproof linear array that can be extended almost without limit by joining lengths with waterproof connectors.
Tube-Lite can be operated in most tactical environments including underwater operations by SEAL teams and other Special Forces. It has a high IR output which enables it to be seen at long ranges.
Its possible uses include:

  • Ambushes

  • Marking landscape for military use

  • Emergency perimeter light

  • Engineering support in the field

  • Command Groups

  • Tactical Groups

  • Command HQs