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Personal Identification Beacons

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Personnel Identification Beacons (PIBs)

These small, identification beacons come in a variety of formats and have been designed for use by Special Forces, the Police, Customs etc with night vision goggles.

Depending on the type selected so, the IR output will vary. Typical uses include:

  • Personal identification in close quarter battle engagements.

  • Covert identification of suspicious objects. Targets for attack and assault routes.

  • Remotely activated Dropping Zone (DZ) markers for parachutists, airborne stores deliveries and the recovery of personnel.

  • The identification of sniffer dogs used in searching for explosives and narcotics.

  • The identification of security personnel operating in areas of CCTV surveillance.

  • The covert identification of plain clothes personnel in stakeout operations.

Product Description - PIB

The CI Personnel Identification Beacon (PIB) emits illumination at the near infra-red (880 nanometres). It can be seen by CCTV cameras and night vision devices.

It is designed to appear similar to bicycle lights and can be customised to include controlled emissions for signal identification.