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Black-Lite is a unique form of covert infrared (IR) illumination. The technology was originally conceived and developed by Security Services as a more effective alternative to the infrared illumination systems then in use.

Black-Lite combines low maintenance and easy installation with a robust design to give a long and trouble free life.

Black-Lite is specifically designed to provide a high intensity covert illumination when used with black and white CCTV cameras and all forms of image intensifiers such as night vision goggles. It has proved itself time after time in situations that called for a high degree of vision in complete darkness.

Black-Lite was originally available only to Government Security Services. It has now been released for general use and CI Limited is the exclusive supplier of these advanced, fully tested designs.

Black-Lite has proved highly effective in many situations ranging from surveillance in closed areas, such as hospitals and museums, to monitoring national borders.

Black-Lite is designed with the professional and uncompromising user in mind. It has features that would allow those whose lives depend on their equipment a high degree of confidence. As a result, Black-Lite has gained a reputation for toughness, reliability, ease of use and low maintenance.