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Black-Lite delivers intense but invisible floodlighting for black and white CCTV cameras and can be fitted new or integrated into existing systems. It can be installed in many locations, especially:

  • Where light is low, but good visibility is required.

  • When covert surveillance is necessary.

  • Where light is absent but observation is essential.

These are some examples of where Black-Lite has been highly effective:

  • Banks, Vaults and Trading Rooms - to monitor operations.

  • Cruise Ships - to observe darkened corridors and decks.

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes , Health Care Centres - all have areas vulnerable to security risks, from pharmacies and loading bays to individual private wards.

  • Sports Stadiums, Airports and Convention Centres - in places where lighting is low.

  • Museums and Galleries - these can be observed without risk of damage to exhibits by UV light.