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FM 85417

Colebrand International Limited (CI) is a multidisciplinary company based in the UK. Its activities span product design and manufacture, management contracting, product sourcing and commodity trading.

The common themes shared by all CI's diverse activites are a strong commitment to high quality, development of novel technology and the agility to respond and adapt rapidly to our customers' specific needs.

CI has adopted the philosophy of Total Quality Management. The Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified by BSI under certificate number FM 85417 and, through its Quality Assurance System, controls all operations via written procedures to ensure a planned approach to each project. 

Our main activities include:

High-technology products and services to assist in extending the life-span and ensuring the safety of new and existing structures such as bridges, tunnels and buildings.


Acts as Management Contractors for large civil engineering projects. CI can also provide design and architectural capabilities


Research, modelling, manufacture and application of stealth and protective materials to enhance the survivability of aircraft, ships, submarines and land vehicles; development of specific technologies for governments world-wide.


Assist mainly governments to monitor movements of people and goods. Covert illumination and identification and a wide range of speciality security products.


Trading in porducts and commodities.


Committed to creating new business from breakthroughs in new technologies.


Mobile hospitals, generic medicines, diagnostic kits, instruments, beds, x-ray equipment and more.