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CI Defence Special Equipment
(see alsoBlack-Lite Covert IR Lighting Systems)

Covert Access Poles

Covert access to high-sided ships, at anchor or underway, oil-rigs, buildings and other installations by Special Forces is often a vital part of any military or counter-insurgency operation. The ability to securely attach a ladder to such structures in order to gain rapid and covert access can be crucial.

CI Defence, working closely with the UK Special Forces and Agencies, has provided a simple and effective solution to a most intractable problem.

CI designed and manufacture from carbon fibre a family of Covert Access Poles and ancilliary equipment for use on land, from fast rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) or by swimmers.

Wind-up Pole for use from RIBs or on land
(Patent Applied For).
New- Carbon fibre
climbing pole
for use from RIBs or on land
(Patent Pending - UK Patent Application Number 0310977.4)
Swimmer Pole Designed for use by divers
(Patent Pending)
Method of entry tools Hammer/axe/jemmy combination to facilitate forcible entry.
Cast iron/carbon fibre construction.
Back pack for easy carrying

Download RAID 1(pdf, 300k)

Download RAID 2 (pdf, 700k)



CI in association with AAI Corporation