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CI instruments are supplied complete with software for data transfer and analysis.

This software allows the transfer of data collected by the instrument to a PC-compatible computer for analysis and archiving. Data from the loggers is converted into comma- or space-delimited ASCII files which can be imported into most spreadsheet packages.

The analytical facilities usually present the data in a graphical format which is easier to understand than the 'raw data' collected by the instrument.

CI has also developed a program,
CorroScope, which integrates the data collected using our instruments and provides in-depth corrosion analysis. This program forms an essential part of the analytical process that helps us to minimise repair and maintenance costs for our clients. The facilities available include:

  • Statistical analysis of concrete cover depth data using predefined criteria;

  • input and analysis of all survey data, for example visual defects and chloride content;

  • contour plotting for informative visual presentation of results.



CI Advanced Engineering has long experience in structural and material surveys and in materials technology. Its expertise is available to clients in a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Materials specifications;

  • Testing specifications;

  • Repair specifications;

  • Repair specifications;

  • Instrumentation systems;

  • Materials and structures;

  • Software service;

  • Geographical mapping service surveys.

Our consultancy service allows informed decisions to be taken on repair programmes for structures of all kinds. Considerable cost savings can be realised by setting priorities for remedial repair work, based on an accurate, informed assessment of the facts.



Reinforcement Corrosion Courses - One of CI's aims is to educate personnel involved in assessing structures. We regularly run courses on reinforcement corrosion with the primary aim of teaching how such corrosion can be detected and monitored. Monthly courses held in the heart of London last for one day and allow participants to gain practical experience in how to identify and assess corrosion damage. Details of courses and booking forms are available on application.

Other Training Courses

CI also provide courses tailored to individual needs in other parts of the UK as well as in many countries overseas. Subjects explored fully include:

  • Structural movement monitoring;

  • Monitoring of slope stability;

  • Geographical mapping;

  • Hydrological modelling.

In these courses the emphasis is on the setting up of monitoring systems to meet clients' individual needs through adapting instrumentation, software and appropriate support systems.