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CI LUD - Performance Testing
CI LUDs are frequently subjected to fullscale testing to demonstrate that they meet specifications. Typical is the rigorous HITEC test regime described here. The robust nature of the CI LUD is clearly shown in the results of this and other test programs. Certified independent test certificates are available.

The Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Centre (HITEC) is an organisation created by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to bring together diverse groups within the civil engineering community to 'facilitate, integrate and coordinate' common solutions to complex research challenges facing the civil engineering profession.
In order to evaluate the CI Lock Up Device HITEC formed a panel of seismic experts at Federal and State level together with representatives of seismic research organisations and internationally renowned design consultants.
The panel formulated an evaluation programme which comprised a testing schedule for three separate Lock Up Devices and a series of trial installations within the USA.
The intent of the programme being to demonstrate that the Lock Up Devices will perform as required during their service life and will adequately cope with the extremes of temperature (-40C to +50C) that can be anticipated in the USA.
The evaluation programme was successfully completed and the results are presented in a separate HITEC report is available.