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Cost Saving Achieved By Fitting LUDs

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Brackets and Fittings
Brackets can be designed to suit your particular needs and can be made to allow for any additional lateral or installation tolerances.

Components and Materials
Materials are specified to provide the strength required for the loads encountered in service.

Operating Temperatures
The temperatures at which the CI LUD will be operating are taken into account at the design stage to ensure the performance requirements are maintained to reflect the slight change in the characteristics of the CI Compound due to high or low temperatures.

Quality Assurance
CI LUDs are manufactured by qualified staff using specified procedures and materials. Quality assurance procedures to BS EN ISO 9000 are applied throughout.

Testing using independent test houses can be arranged if required.

CI LUD being tested at an independent test house.

CI will supply a quotation based on the capacity of the unit and the piston movement your project requires.  

Installation and After Sales Service
A full installation and supervision service is available anywhere in the world.