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The CI Lock Up Device with Dynamic Measurement Option
Designed to work for you

What it does
The Colebrand International Lock-Up Device (LUD®) Dynamic Measurement Option (DMO) enables you to measure dynamic forces that are induced on to the Lock-Up Device whilst in use on the bridge. Gaining insight into the behaviour of the bridge when in use gives valuable feedback in terms of validating original load predictions.

How it works
The CI LUD® fitted with the DMO package has a Pressure Transducer fitted on both sides of the piston and a Displacement Probe connected with the piston rod. These transducers feed a mainframe computer that can display the input in real time or log the data on a PCMCIA hard drive. The data can then be post processed on a PC using the software provided with the DMO package.

Content of the DMO package
The DMO package has been developed together with HBM* and it is a true ‘turn key’ solution package. All transducers are permanently installed on the LUD®. The MGCplus computer mainframe (data logger) is bundled together with a PCMCIA hard drive with enough storage space for up to one week of continuous data logging. All cabling between transducers and main frame are custom supplied to the specific environment. The MGCplus can be powered either by a normal 230V AC outlet or from a 12V DC power source.
The HBM developed software Catman Easy is also included for post- processing of data


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